About Anthony

As founder of the Oasis Church in Greater Atlanta, Anthony Murray has built a thriving social ecosystem based in faith, justice, and the belief that greatness is always possible. As a spiritual leader, his unparalleled commitment to elevate those most in need has brought him much deserved recognition from peers, politicians, and philanthropists. His message of self-belief has quickly transcended the church and catapulted him to highly sought-after speaker, engaging thousands through various platforms. His bestselling book, What Happened to your Dreams, has
allowed Anthony the privilege of traveling the world to share his experiences and expand his audience. Anthony’s resonating message of building greatness out of nothing has evolved into a movement, drawing in larger crowds every day.

Anthony Murray’s unique ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds through humor and sincerity has been the subject of much praise. His disarming approach and empathy of the strife and conflicts of his fellow man have proven to be effective tools in breaching socioeconomic and cultural barriers. As a motivational coach, he inspires audiences to dream BIG and complete the necessary work to fulfill those dreams. Through his individual and group coaching programs he teaches others how to increase profitability and marketability by solving problems with constructive thinking. Anthony’s insight into systemic profiling as a "box" we as
individuals accept has helped thousands open their minds and expand their potential to move to more productive lives.

With over twenty years of experience in ministry and public speaking, Anthony continues to expand his platform and incorporate innovative teaching tools.


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