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The A-Tribe is the name Pastor Anthony Murray use to refer to his e-Church members, social media followers, Pastors and mentees. This diverse group benefits from his wisdom of successfully starting businesses and building a million dollar ministry. As the Unlocker, Pastor Anthony Murray is passionate about unlocking his tribe with useful information to enhance their lives both personally and professionally.  There are 4 Levels to choose from. Each level includes access to the closed Facebook Group. Click the Join buttons below to learn more about each level and included benefits. 

A-Tribe Champion 

For individuals committing  to partner with AMM on a monthly basis. Top Tier Membership with exclusive benefits and invitation to AMM's annual retreat.

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A-Tribe Online

For individuals desiring to stay connected and to build an online community network.

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A-Tribe Fighter

 For individuals committing  to sow into Anthony Murray Ministries on a monthly basis. 

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A-Tribe Apprentice

For students and young adults 18-25 committing  to partner with Anthony Murray Ministries. 

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A-Tribe Warrior

For individuals committing  to partner with AMM monthly. 2nd Level with exclusive benefits.

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